Affiliate program

By involving more members in our program, you receive affiliate commissions from every referral's deposit and stimulate growth the common welfare of the Ambidex Groups community.

To participate in the affiliate program there is no need to have an active deposit. The affiliate program works at 3 referral lines on any partner's deposit amount.
All referral commissions are charged automatically and immediatly after your referral made deposit. The affiliate withdrawals occurs instantly in the currency of the referral's deposit.
As your referral turnover increases, you can receive additional bonuses and increase affiliate program via bounty section. You can also request a special affiliate program and we will consider your offer asap.
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3 Lvl
The affiliate program works at 3 referral lines on each partner's deposit.

After login in your dashboard, make sure you get your unique affiliate link for free and just share your affiliate link on our company among your friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

With our lucrative affiliate program we have provide a perfect multi-level structure where you and your partners will grow together. Develop your investors team with 5% - 2% - 1% referral commissions from each new member you add, and remember there are no limitations on the amounts you can earn.

Invite as many people as you like. The more people who create accounts and invest on THE Ambidex Groups LTD after clicking your affiliate link, the more referral commissions you'll receive.

That is all! Now you with you partners are ready to start making profit together on our platform, be sure that you are visit the official site of Ambidex Groups company.

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