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IS Ambidex Group Legit?
Ambidex Group is registered as THE Ambidex Group LTD. It is a legal investment company incorporated in United Kingdom, with the company number 14166794 Office Address: 55 Baker Street, London, England, W1U 8EW
How may I become the client of THE Ambidex Group LTD?
You may become a client of The Ambidex Group Ltd and it is totally free of charge. All you need is to sign up and fill all required fields.
Is it free of charge to open an account?
Yes, it is totally free of charge.
How many accounts can I open on the site?
Any client can have only one account per IP/Family/Payment account. In the event of multiple registrations from your device we have rights to suspend all of your accounts.
Who may be an investor of Ambidex Group?
Everyone may be an Investor of Ambidex Group, but he\she must be not less than 18 years old.
Will my personal information after registration will be secure?
All private information is secure and never share with third party websites.
How long does it take to make my personal account active?
Your account will be active immediately after registration.
Can I update my personal Information?
If you wish to update your email address, please create the support ticket in dashboard and follow the instructions, that we will provide.
How to make my account safer?
To make your account more secure, you need to use more strong password and set the 2fa account security in the dashboard.
How often can I log in to my account?
Your account is available 24/7. You can obtain information around the clock.
I forgot my username or password. How can I recovery them?
If you forgot your username, please open the recovery password page at the login page.
What investment plan do you have?
We have only 2 dynamic investment plan 3% daily ROI which includes your principal and 4% Daily ROI which include your principal too.
How many deposits can I create in my account?
You can have unlimited number of deposits. The Interest rates and work of several deposits at the same Paysystem are united, but while one deposit finished, another deposits continue to work.
When the deposit should be activated?
If you use cryptocurrencies it could be some time lag which is required for getting confirmations by the cryptocurrency network. For deposits in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum we need at least 1 confirmation. For deposits in Tether we need 20 confirmations.
How this the interest rate increasing works?
Every day at 00:00 gmt the common interest rate growth + 3% daily. The daily interest rate of your deposit paysystem is fixed for all income charges, untill you won't upgrade your deposit.
How to upgrade the interest rate of my deposit?
To upgrade your previously created deposit to the common the interest rate level, it is enough to make reinvestment or new deposit at the same payment system.
What is the minimum deposit amount?
You can invest in cryptocurrencies any amount which is above the minimum deposit amount. The mininum deposit amounts is: $200.
How long is processing the withdrawal request?
Your request will be processed instant, BTC withdrawals may be processed with some hours delay depending on the Blockchain work.
What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
The mininum withdrawals amounts is: $2.
Do you charge any fees from withdrawals?
No, we don't charge any fees.
How does an affiliate program work?
Very simple. For each client of the company a unique affiliate link is generated including his username. Each new member registered through your affiliate link becomes your referral and in the future for each of his deposits and from his referral's deposit you will receive 5% -2% -1% affiliate commissions.
Do I have to be an active investor in order participate in affiliate program?
You do not need to have an active deposit to receive referral commissions from referrals.
When my affiliate commission will be received?
All referral commissions are charged automatically and immediatly after your referral made deposit. The affiliate withdrawals occurs instantly in the currency of the referral's deposit.
Can I increase my affiliate system?
As your referral turnover increases, you can receive additional bonuses and increase affiliate program via bounty section. You can also request a special affiliate program and we will consider your offer asap.