Investment offer

The Ambidexgroups LTD is fully devoted to helping you secure low fees and a variety of digital and fiduciary financing options to power your cryptocurrency investments. Prompt and responsive financing now makes it simpler than ever to execute operations in cryptocurrency from anywhere around the Globe.

Our investment offer is 2-3 % daily and up to a 220% income with principal included. The interest rate of daily income for new investors will grow by 2% daily to 3%. To update your previous interest rate to the new percentage, it is enough to make reinvestment in the same paysystem.

Income charges are occur every 24 hours, the principal of deposit is included in payments, every cryptocurrency works floatly to usd.
All withdrawals are occur instantly, BTC withdrawals may be processed within 3 hours depending on Blockchain. The the minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts you can consider at the Faq page.
If you're ready to get started, create an account at Ambidexgroups to begin investing in just minutes.

Investment offer
2% Daily

200 - 14,999 USD

Investment offer
3% Daily


The smart strategy for successful results on the investment market
The system of dynamic increasing of the interest rate, open Clontoken with time and gradual increase in the advertising campaign allows project to form a more stable environment for development and increasing our values.
Fast development, fast income & fast withdrawals
Ambidexgroups company offers fast daily income for investors with instant withdrawals. The interest rate of daily income will increase every day by +0.1% up to 6% daily. You will receive your first income after 24 hours, the BEP comes less than a month.
The optimal advance system and transparency
The Ambidexgroups LTD provides an opportunity for absolutely all members to earn money by inviting new partners to our platform. All project statistics is transparent and updates in real time, the profit comes at the exact time as well as the daily percentage updates.

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